I’m a U.S. citizen who, until recently, never paid much attention to the gun debate in America. However, after watching armed citizens march on and occupy the Michigan statehouse during the coronavirus pandemic (April 30, 2020) I realized I didn’t know much about gun rights in America.

  • Are modern militias seen on television the same sorts of militias mentioned in the Second Amendment?
  • Are there any limits on the types of weapons people can own? Can U.S. citizens own bazookas, surface-to-air missles, rocket launchers, or surplus army tanks, for example?
  • Are there any limits on where people can carry their legal weapons (where they can “bear arms”)?
  • Can individual businesses or churches or government buildings bar people from entering with their legal weapons?
  • What did the Framers of the U.S. Constitution have in mind when they added the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights?
  • How has the legal definition of “the right to bear arms” changed since 1787?

As a result of all of these questions, I created this website to explore and better understand the gun debate. On these pages, I intend to avoid personal opinions and biased data and focus on just the facts. Maybe that way visitors to this site can make up their own minds about the United States’ most controversial Constitutional amendment.

– Griz Mitchell (May 22, 2020)